Pledge to our Customers

Our Promise

  • To be a supplier who listens to the customers needs: What would you like us to carry for you?
  • To consistently be able to supply the products by keeping a “promise: Never to oversell to new customers if current supply is allocated to current customers.
  • To store and transport the wine at correct temperature in fully insulated warehouses and delivery vehicles.

Our Goal

To offer a complete service package to our customers to assist them in their quest to develop an outstanding wine program

  • Offer resorts/hotels/restaurants fresh, creative and sound business advice and menu creation to create an exceptional wine program specifically tailored to the requirements of the customer according to the type of customers they cater to.
  • Improve the national tourism product in the markets we operate in by assisting our customers with ongoing service and wine training to improve the overall national service level

Our Mission

To create a cutting edge wine experience for our customers clients and guests, focusing on maximizing revenue for our customers with minimal cost to the company.